about me!


i'm cal (or c6)

add me on dah cord


i go by he/him pronouns and i'm pretty airheaded



madoka, kill me baby, made in abyss, azumanga daioh, nichijou, k-on, yuyushiki and serial experiments lain (ik my taste sucks))

u can friend request me on mal here!!!! although my ratings are not really that serious

i'm a pretty big fan of these old borderline-bad drawen anime girls from blingee, if u have those dm me all of em :D


pretty much anything although i love hexd freeform hardcore, trance, cloud rap, nightcore cloud rap?, emoviolence, screamo, anything that's hardcore EDM, midwest emo, post rock and IDM

u can add me on my rym if ur interested on my fav bands :D


superhot, post-void, mirror's edge, #21 the world and just fps/trippy games overall.

currently exploring "NaissanceE" and similar stuff, im also planning on playing more Touhou games later on

u can add my steam here!


low resolution media, mainly car/anime related

BRUTALISIM i luv brutalism . So cool